Sunday, 11 October 2015

MoonFlower Blog Hop Winners!

Hi there, Andreia here.
First of all I wan't to thank you for joining our blog hop celebrating the Moonflower anniversary.Without you we wouldn't be celebrating one year of  existence, so my big thank you.

Now to announce the winners of the blog hop. I'm sure you are all eager to know. 

And the main winner of the blog hop is *drums roll*

Mary Marin

Congrats dear! You just won a copy of her Donna's ebook full of coloring tutorials , plus 2 MoonFlower digi stamps of their choosing, and a 25% discount voucher for the store.

To receive your awards do enter in contact with us through the moonflower  at

You have seven (7) days to claim your prize. 

Now to the lucky persons that won from each blog included in the hop, the image that the DT member has used:

Lynda  -  The lucky winner is Jingle who won Gigi Flap Dancer
Dianne - The lucky winner is Aunty Sue who won Kimiko The Phoenix Maiden
Rae Anne -  winner is Shari who won Gypsy Flower
Winnie -  The lucky winner is Hilde Johansen  who won Tumbelina Faery Version
Christine -   The lucky winner is Bad Kitty who won Gina Le Cat Witch 
Jackie R -  The lucky winner Susan Brovont who won Gigi Little Witch
Marina  -  The lucky winner is Lorraine Horne who won Minako the Oriental Maiden
Helen -  The lucky winner Kate Meads who won the Elf Maiden
Jackie C -The lucky winner is  Wendy L who won Under the Moonlight
Shannon - The lucky winner is Anne Mills who won Contemplation Princess 
Bonnie - The lucky winner is Jacee who won the Longing Princess 

These winners also have seven (7) days to claim their prizes. In case the person already has the digital stamp that they won, we can change to another one if required. 

xxx Andreia 


  1. happy that I'm one of the winner!
    congratulations to all other winners.

  2. I'm thrilled to be the winner! Thank you! Congrats to the other winners too! Hugs Mary