Of course that I couldn't do this without giving special thanks to the ones that supported me on this. 

My first big special thank you goes to a very special and amazing person, that is like a sister to me called Graciela also known as GPhoenix on the paths of the online world.  

Without her this wouldn't be possible as it was her that kicked me around to practice my drawing skills and didn't me allow to give up that easy, for yes, there was moments that I wanted to drop everything. 

I also want to thank her for assisting me on turning my drawings into digital files, since I'm a bit old school and use pencil, rubber and a paper block. 

The second person that I wish to give a big thank you is Donna Jerret and her facebook group for all the support and guidance on putting my work to the reach of others to use on their crafts. 

So a big thanks to all of you!  And to all the people that like my work, for without you people I also wouldn't be here! 

xoxo Andreia